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reading fluency

Reading fluency, reading fast or reading well? Interview with Dr. Jan Hasbrouck.

í Viðtöl

Auður Soffíu Björgvinsdóttir in an interview with Dr. Jan Hasbrouck

Dr. Jan Hasbrouck is an academic and educational consultant with expertise in literacy studies. Dr. Hasbrouck worked as a literacy specialist and counselor for 15 years, then began teaching at the University of Oregon and later served as a professor at Texas A&M University. In recent years, Jan has worked as a consultant and expert for both public entities and independently from Seattle where she lives. Jan’s expertise lies in the field of literacy, especially literacy, assessment of reading, and teaching reading.

Jan Hasbrouck has written a number of articles and books on literacy. Among them is Conquering Dyslexia (2020), which has been taught at the University of Iceland School of Education. In January this year, the book Climbing the Ladder of Reading and Writing: Meeting the Needs of ALL Learners by Jan Hasbrouck and Nancy Young was published. This book will undoubtedly be a good addition to the teaching materials used at the School of Education, as it discusses how to meet the needs and strengthen the reading skills of a diverse group of students, whether students are struggling with challenges or whether reading learning is easy and needs further challenges. The book is based on Reading and the Writing Ladder by Nancy Young, which has been translated into Icelandic with the author’s permission (Nancy Young´s website). Lesa meira…

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